Olive Oil – Serves as an organic conditioner. Leaves your hair and body feeling soft, shiny, and smooth.

Coconut Oil – High in medium-chain fatty acids; these are proven to be some of the best natural nutrients for your hair.

Argan – Rich in vitamin E, carotene and squalene. Provides  maximum hydration and deeply nourishes hair and skin.

Avocado – Contains high levels of protein and potassium. Most effective in reducing protein loss while assisting healthy growth and shine of hair.    

Jojoba – Comparable to sebum, the oil that people expel to lubricate their hair and skin. It instantly soothes, moisturizes and softens.  

Castor – Natural anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant oil. Most beneficial in boosting circulation and contributing to healthier looking hair and skin.  

Grape Seed – Rich in vitamin E content, helping reduce dandruff and hair loss.  Also a natural anti- oxidant and a healthy means of reducing dark circles, acne, bruising and dry skin.

Tea Tree – Traditional herbal antiseptic known as a natural antibacterial and disinfectant.  Good for minor skin ailments and excellent for unclogging hair follicles and deeply nourishing your roots.  

Lavender – Helps regulate the over excretion of sebum by hormonal fluctuations.  A natural conditioner that rids dry skin and dandruff while improving hair growth.

Sweet Orange – Serves as an organic anti-depressant and detoxifier. It naturally removes all your day to day hair and body impurities.